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Virginia BBQ(ew)

Peter and I tried a new (new to us) BBQ place. If you want the short review, here it is: 2 thumbs down, don’t go. If you want the longer review, feel free to keep reading and to see the pictures.

It’s called Virginia BBQ and apparently it’s a chain. We went to the one in Fredericksburg.


I don’t know about you, but I’m not a fan of carpet in restaurants. First thing I noticed when I walked in was dirty carpet.


Second thing I noticed was the lack of customers. Third thing I noticed was the crappy restaurant decor.


Those trophies weren’t for their BBQ – they were for some random car show. Um, ok. Makes sense.

And how about this lovely blue hue on the seats? Coordinates well with the cheap country decor and other random stuff.


So, onto the food. I’m no BBQ expert but I’ve tried a bunch of different kinds in VA and NC and beyond. I can’t say it was horrible like I was going to gag or anything, but it was definitely the greasiest I’ve had. And the workers were probably the greasiest too from the looks of it. I got NC style.


While Peter was up getting some napkins, I asked him to bring me some NC style BBQ sauce from the “sauce bar”. He brought two back:


Wasn’t sure about the lighter colored one with floaties on the right, so I just stuck to the sauce on the left. The bottles of sauce probably haven’t been cleaned out in years. Ha.

On their website, there is a quote from one of their reviews that says “The best potato salad I’ve ever eaten. Ever.” Peter got the potato salad (apparently the last bits from the bottom of the barrel according to the guy at the counter) and it didn’t look so great. Kind of gray. I played it safe with some french fries.

Also on their website, there’s a review that says, “…the service was exceptional on our visit…IT WAS OUTSTANDING.” Oh boy. On our visit, the guy that brings the food out, holds the tray out impatiently without saying anything, but with an attitude and a look that says “c’mon, take your freakin’ tray”.

There was radio music playing in the background and right next to where we sat there was a tv playing informercials (ahh, overlapping audio!). I was really hoping to watch some Slapchop or Forever Lazies (only got info on the Magic Bullet).

Oh, I almost forgot one of the best things! There was a FUN CORNER! Seriously, a corner of fun! Get outta here, so exciting!


Outside, Abby got her picture taken by one of the pigs:


Here’s the other one. Seems kind of wrong to have a picture of the pork sandwich on the pig (but then again, I’m eating it so I shouldn’t talk). As I took this picture, a breeze blew and I could smell cat pee.


We agreed that this restaurant could definitely benefit from Restaurant: Impossible with Robert Irvine. Seriously.