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Belle Isle

Recently, Peter, Abby and I enjoyed a really nice day together down in Richmond.

First we had a delish meal at Kitchen 64. We’ve only been here two times but each time has been excellent. Great food, always busy, quick service.


We then went to explore Belle Isle. It’s a 54 acre island on the James River that used to be where a POW camp was used during the Civil War (also previously home to a hydroelectric plant). It is now a park with paths, an area for rock climbing, and apparently the most popular thing to do is lay out on the rocks in the sun and/or take a dip in the river. To get there from the north side, you have to take a suspension footbridge under the highway. Earlier in the year, we visited just across the way at the Tredegar Iron Works and we’ve also been across the river at the Hollywood Cemetery.

Here are some pics I took from Belle Isle:









Someone has such long hair right now!













Afterwards, we figured oh, we might as well make a stop by Legend Brewing Co. We weren’t hungry for dinner yet but it was too nice out so we sat out on their deck and enjoyed an appetizer and some lagers before heading back home. All in all, a great day!




Beer, Cat Transporting, and Post-Its

This past Tuesday I had a happy hour at Appalachian Brewery in Collegeville.  IMS happy hours are just not what they used to be.  There were definitely some good times before a) people left and got other jobs, b) people moved away, c) before our office location changed to C’ville, and d) before babies.  Laura M. reminded me of some HH memories this past Sunday when we had dinner at Wholefoods and it made me chuckle.  🙂 

Anyhow, I ended up staying at ABC from 5:15 – 9pm and had 2 Water Gap Wheats, Artie’s Spin Dip, and The Vermonter.  Peter came with Abby and she was a good girl and held out pretty long.  Todd and Laura came by also and it was good to see them before the big move.  We even got some select homebrews from Todd with awesome beer bottle labels. 


Abby became a Broncos fan that night.

I also had lunch with my team members on Wednesday at Olive Garden.  I tried the Lasagna Rollata al Forno and between that, the bottomless salad and breadsticks, I seriously was in heaven and left with a very happy belly.  I found a new favorite dish and can now retire my “boring” fettucine alfredo plate. 

Going back to beer for a second, I discovered that we still had 20 bottles of beer in the fridge at home, to either consume before the move or we’d have to give them away or let them go to waste.  Beer go to waste?!  Nooo!!!  Here I am working very hard in order to get ready for the move:

In other move news, Peter headed back to Virginia yesterday evening but this time he had a companion with him in the car – Nacho!  Nacho hates the car and hasn’t been in it probably since we moved from the apartment in Hatfield.  She tends to pee, poop, and/or barf (or some combination thereof) while in her carrier but luckily all worked out ok and Nacho made it safe and sound with only some pee in the carrier.  Peter had to deal with some intense meowing during the drive but she calmed down somewhat around Baltimore.  I can’t believe my cat is settled in our new home before I am! 


I can’t be settled quite yet because I am back here at the house slapping post-it notes all over the place so the movers know what goes to storage and what goes to the temp house.  Luckily we don’t have to pack since the movers will cover that but I still need to mark things and organize.  Abby likes pulling the post-it notes off that are within her reach. 

So that’s that.  This weekend Hurricane Irene is expected to make an appearance in our general area.  I’m sure that will be a good time.  First it was an earthquake along the eastcoast (originating only 30 miles from where our temp house is), now it’s a hurricane.  I love a good storm but I’m hoping this doesn’t affect our plans since Peter’s taking Amtrak up Sunday evening.  Fingers are crossed.  🙂