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Oh man, I’ve been neglecting the good ol’ bloggy blog! Not on purpose – just enjoying the fun and sun of summertime. We’ve been having fun with daytrips, family visits, trying new restaurants, concerts, swimming at the pool, visiting the lake and “beach”, working around the house, cookouts, ice-cream consumption, walks in the neighborhood, a vacation at a cabin in the Smoky Mountains, playing outside and more. Our first summer at our new house and new neighborhood. ūüôā

This evening I was scoping out some more places for daytrips and found a whole lot of wildlife refuges and state parks I want to check out with Abby (and the hubby if he isn’t working). Plus there are a number of breweries to look into, heading out towards Charlottesville and west, toward the Shenandoah Mountains. Lastly, maybe not for this summer but for next I’d like to go to Virginia Beach and Sandbridge which is just south of VA Beach… and maybe further south to OBX since we are not so far away as we once were. I want to take advantage of the rest of the summer/early fall while we have it because before we know it, it will be back to school time and the weather will be getting cooler. Why can’t summer be longer?

Maybe I will try to start blogging / photo blogging a little bit more, not sure. It’s fun to look back on older stuff but at the same time it’s annoying to find the time to update on a regular basis and sometimes bothersome to even publish a blog entry. However, it’s sometimes therapeutic to document some of this stuff we do as a family. Whatever happened to good ol’ scrapbooking? HA!

Here are a few recent summer-related pics I took:







Maymont Maybe?

Since we’ve moved to Fredericksburg and closer to my brother and sister-in-law in Richmond, we’ve been talking about visiting Maymont Park with them. Well la-di-da, we finally did it! The husband had a rare day off on Sunday and it was so nice out, so we took the opportunity to go with Abby, my parents, and Chris and Jennifer down to Richmond.

First, we met up for lunch at Kitchen 64. First time there – it was very busy. I ordered the Rhysdale sandwich which included smoked turkey, cranberry spread, herbed cream cheese and mixed greens. And a side of potato salad. HUGE-mongo sandwich and very good.

So, off to Maymont. It was so pretty there! There are approximately 100 acres and includes various gardens (Japanese, Italian), ponds, waterfalls, fountains, statues, big ol’ trees, lawns, horses, petting zoo, wildlife (bear, bobcat, eagles, bison, fox, etc.), and the Maymont Mansion, or Dooley Mansion. James Dooley was a wealthy Richmond lawyer and he and his wife left their house and land to Richmond to enjoy after they passed.

There was lots to see as we made our way around the grounds. Abby had a good time and of all things, she especially liked the trees that had “skirts” on them (see picture below), even though at the end she told me she was a little bit afraid of them. We look forward to going back again sometime!

“Some” (haha) pictures:

























Spotsylvania Battlefield

Too tired/lazy to write –¬†¬†here are some pics instead!¬† Will be back soon with some updates and pictures on Abby’s 2nd birthday, Prince William Forest National Park, Children’s Museum of Richmond, Hollywood Cemetery, Memorial Day Luminary event at Fredericksburg, and some food updates.¬†














Gari Melchers: Art at Belmont Estate

Took a nice little visit to the home and art studio of Gari Melcher the other week.¬† His home and studio is a national historic landmark at Belmont in¬†Falmouth¬†and is 1 of 30 of America’s most significant artists’ spaces included in the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Historic Artists’ Homes and Studios consortium.¬† It’s just on the “other side” of the Rappahannock River and not far from Chatham Manor where Peter sometimes works.¬† It was their spring open house so it was free to get in and it was nice (but hot)¬†to walk around on the grounds.¬†



Welcome to Virginia Julie!

I’m so excited that another Maugle has been transported from Pennsylvania to Virginia, adding truth to the fact that Virginia IS for Maugles.¬† Welcome Sister-Sister/Aunt Julie!¬†

A little while ago Peter, Abby, and I headed up to Alexandria, VA to help Julie move into her new place.¬† Well, Peter helped and I helped Abby stay out of the way and occupied her on the swing and chased around the cat, plus two diaper changes in the back of the Prius.¬† Groovy and the Dynamic Darlene were there as well to assist.¬† It’s a cute lil’ apartment and I’m sure Julie and Betsy kitty will feel right at home very soon.¬† There’s so much¬†to do around the DC/NOVA area and we plan to see Julie so much more now – that is¬†the best part of all of this.¬† Julie and I are on the hunt for a good concert to attend in the area but so far we’ve only come across Marilyn Manson or Michael Bolton.¬† It’s a¬†shame that¬†Manson isn’t the opening act for Bolton.¬†¬†That would be the ultimate concert experience.¬† ¬†

Anyway, the move was pretty quick and simple with no injuries or catastrophes and then we helped Julie return her Budget rental truck to some warehouse ghetto area.  We then went on a hunt for pizza and after avoiding some sketchy places we settled on Pizzeria Uno where a server dropped his drink tray and gave us minor splishy splashy.  After paying for the overpriced fake deep dish pizza, we were offered apples on the way out.  Odd.

Before we met up at Julie’s to help w/ the move, we¬†arrived a bit earlier to check out Huntley Meadows Park which was nearby.¬† It¬†is home to¬†1,425 acres of forest, wetlands, and meadows – good for walking, birding or¬†checking out turtles, beavers, snakes (like the one we saw; no pictures¬†to post here though or my mom would likely faint), herons, etc.¬† There’s a boardwalk trail which was easy for Abby.¬† We saw some red-winged black birds, a bunch of beaver dams, turtles, ducks, a blacksnake, and some kind of skink or salamander.¬† We also¬†visited the nature/visitor center.



Abby and Peter deciding which way to go on the boardwalk trail through the wetlands.



Busy, busy beaver dams!





Blub, blub, blub…





Nature girl enjoying nature!!




A walk in the woods (great book btw).



Learning about frogs, turtles and other fun things at the nature center.¬† ūüôā





Zonked out after a busy and fun day!

Cherrylicious Blossom Festival

Earlier this month, no – ¬†make that late last month (time is f-l-y-i-n-g), we took the opportunity to drive north to Washington, D.C. ¬†to partake in the popular Cherry Blossom Festival.¬† We’ve been to DC before but I’ve never been there to see the cherry blossom trees and experience any of the month+ long festivites.¬† I’ve always heard people talk about it before but I just thought – eh, trees that are budding.¬† No biggie.¬† But now that we live closer and I’ve heard more about it, I wanted to go and see what all the buzz was about.

Peak time arrived earlier this season so we wanted to take advantage of it.  I took a 1/2 personal day and away we went with Abby and my parents.  The first part of the day was cloudy, almost rainy, and not very spring-like but in watching the forecast, we knew it was going to spiff up to be a beautiful day.  It worked in our favor because it was not super busy or hot.

Well, I must say, it is much more than just trees that are budding.¬† It’s one thing to see it in pictures but to¬†be there in person really is scenic.¬† The cherry blossoms were beautiful and I didn’t realize just how many there were until we walked around the whole Tidal Basin and stopped at a number of national monuments along the way.¬† Paddleboaters were on the water, people from¬†all over the world were walking around taking in¬†our nation’s capitol, and it was simply a fun, spring day.¬† We didn’t experience any¬†actual festivities but I saw in the schedule that there are concerts, performances, parades, contests, food, etc.¬† I am glad we got to see those budding trees.¬† Abby had fun too!

Enjoy the following slideshow (about 20 pictures)! 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Traipsing the Trails

Springtime is in the air and so is the pollen.¬† We’ve been enjoying going out and exploring some of the nearby fields and trails.¬† Abby likes running around and waving to the birds, finding the moon if it’s visible, picking up rocks, looking for flowers and little itty-bitty bugs, chasing after Sophie when she comes along with us… she’s our little nature girl!











Downtown And In The Mountains

Final pics of our anniversary weekend.  Less talk, more pics.  Lots to catch up on!


Downtown FRED:











Sleepy after a busy day out and about!


At Shenandoah Mountains, only an hour + west of us.  I love that we are close to cities like DC and Richmond, have quaint downtowns like Fredericksburg, Culpeper, etc. and have the country farmland and mountains not far off. 





















Ellwood Manor

Recently we visited Ellwood Manor, just a 10 minute drive from our house.¬† The main attraction is the cemetary where Stonewall Jackson’s arm was buried.¬† There are also the grounds to walk around on and the 18th century home that served as a Confederate hospital after the Battle of Chancelorsville and as Warren’s HQ after the Battle of the Wilderness.¬† For more info., check out:¬†













The Sunken Road

Sometimes I jump from one thing to another with no rhyme or reason.  This post is about a trip we had taken to the Sunken Road in Fredericksburg, but it was about a month ago when we were there.  You should see the amount of pictures I have saved on my computer from September alone.  It was a busy month.


The Sunken Road is an area where Confederate troops lined up in defense during the Battle of Fredericksburg, December 1862 as part of the Civil War.¬† The Battle of Fredericksburg¬†was very one-sided and there was a much bigger loss to the Union than to the Confederates.¬† As usual, the history lesson ends there.¬† Good lord, I hope you didn’t come here expecting some kind of accurate history blog.


And roll the pictures!



¬† Abby enjoyed playing with Daddy’s ranger hat while he gave us a tour: