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Belle Isle

Recently, Peter, Abby and I enjoyed a really nice day together down in Richmond.

First we had a delish meal at Kitchen 64. We’ve only been here two times but each time has been excellent. Great food, always busy, quick service.


We then went to explore Belle Isle. It’s a 54 acre island on the James River that used to be where a POW camp was used during the Civil War (also previously home to a hydroelectric plant). It is now a park with paths, an area for rock climbing, and apparently the most popular thing to do is lay out on the rocks in the sun and/or take a dip in the river. To get there from the north side, you have to take a suspension footbridge under the highway. Earlier in the year, we visited just across the way at the Tredegar Iron Works and we’ve also been across the river at the Hollywood Cemetery.

Here are some pics I took from Belle Isle:









Someone has such long hair right now!













Afterwards, we figured oh, we might as well make a stop by Legend Brewing Co. We weren’t hungry for dinner yet but it was too nice out so we sat out on their deck and enjoyed an appetizer and some lagers before heading back home. All in all, a great day!




Depeach Mode

The other night, I attempted a new taco recipe, courtesy of Pinterest: Chicken tacos w/ grilled peach salsa


It included the following:

For the chicken: grilled chicken, chili powder, lime juice, salt

For the salsa: grilled peaches, red onion, cilantro, balsamic vinegar, salt

For the topping: kale, olive oil, lime juice, salt

Corn tortillas, some olive oil

I basically did the salsa mixture first. Cut the peaches in half, grilled them (on the stove), and then added the rest of the ingredients in a bowl once the peaches were done. I then grilled the chicken mixture while putting the (raw) kale topping together. Then just plunked everything into a little corn tortilla!

I have to say, I was hoping it’d be better but I’d probably make it again. I don’t think I’m a fan of raw kale so either I’d cook it or substitute something else. My peaches also weren’t exactly ripe either.

Either way, it paired well with a Dogfish Head Festina Peche beer. Yum!


Oh man, I’ve been neglecting the good ol’ bloggy blog! Not on purpose – just enjoying the fun and sun of summertime. We’ve been having fun with daytrips, family visits, trying new restaurants, concerts, swimming at the pool, visiting the lake and “beach”, working around the house, cookouts, ice-cream consumption, walks in the neighborhood, a vacation at a cabin in the Smoky Mountains, playing outside and more. Our first summer at our new house and new neighborhood. ūüôā

This evening I was scoping out some more places for daytrips and found a whole lot of wildlife refuges and state parks I want to check out with Abby (and the hubby if he isn’t working). Plus there are a number of breweries to look into, heading out towards Charlottesville and west, toward the Shenandoah Mountains. Lastly, maybe not for this summer but for next I’d like to go to Virginia Beach and Sandbridge which is just south of VA Beach… and maybe further south to OBX since we are not so far away as we once were. I want to take advantage of the rest of the summer/early fall while we have it because before we know it, it will be back to school time and the weather will be getting cooler. Why can’t summer be longer?

Maybe I will try to start blogging / photo blogging a little bit more, not sure. It’s fun to look back on older stuff but at the same time it’s annoying to find the time to update on a regular basis and sometimes bothersome to even publish a blog entry. However, it’s sometimes therapeutic to document some of this stuff we do as a family. Whatever happened to good ol’ scrapbooking? HA!

Here are a few recent summer-related pics I took:






Family Friends & Food

Last weekend was a fun one. It started out by meeting up with friends at Amy’s house in Alexandria. Her birthday was on Wednesday so we were celebrating that and just wanted to get out for a little bit. We began with our standard appetizers, snacks, and beer before heading out (no worries, Kelly is pregnant so she was the DD). By the time we left for dinner it was around 8. Julie also came out with us so we picked her up in Kelly’s new mini-van and cruised in style. ūüėČ First up was dinner at O’Connell’s in Old Town. It was busy there and had a good atmosphere; we sat upstairs. I had the spinach and strawberry salad with house wine. Very good.


Next, we headed over to Murphy’s Irish Pub where I dined on Yuenglings. It was fairly packed there as well. I didn’t notice much of the place, as we just hung out upstairs, but eventually we did head downstairs as they ushered everyone away as it got close to 2am. There was a band downstairs so we hung out there for awhile.


Walking in Old Town in boots/heels is not ideal – lots of cobblestone and brick sidewalks.


Then we mini-vanned it back to Amy’s for a ‘sleepover’. It was very late by the time we went to bed but surprisingly it didn’t feel very late to me.

Maugle Mania began on Saturday when Alan and Joyce came down for a 2-3 day visit. We first met up at Red Robin (where I haven’t been to in years) and then took them back to our house which they were seeing for the first time. Julie then got down to our house and after Abby went to bed it was time for wine and popcorn, and breaking out the classic Flight of the Conchords dvd and laughing, laughing, laughing. “Wear the eye patch Bret, wear the funky, funky eye patch.”

On Sunday we had some Crack(er) Barrel brunch. Abby kept telling the waitress that she didn’t like the curtains on the windows.


Later on that evening, Peter and I had dinner with Alan and Joyce at Castiglia’s down the street (as opposed to the main one downtown). Before I say anything about this place, I must say the Sicilian pizza was very good. However, the place was so odd and we had the strangest server. It’s hard to put into words but he was super awkward. The music they were playing there was also an eclectic mix (like Italian background music with Spanish singers). I think we’ll be going back to the downtown location from now on! After introducing Alan and Joyce to Sweet Frog, it was early to bed that night then as the next day was work and Alan and Joyce were heading up for a fun day in DC. It was good having them here for a few days!!

Richmond: Children’s Museum, Hollywood Cemetery, BBQ, and Beer!

Somewhat, kinda, sorta recently we took a trip down to Richmond for the day and had a great time with Abby and my parents. 

First on the agenda was lunch at Q Barbeque.  Yes please and thank you!  It was most excellent.

Then we took Abby to the Children’s Museum of Richmond and she had a lot of fun.¬† It’s a great museum for little ones and I’m happy to hear that the same museum organization is building one in Fredericksburg for 2013.¬† ūüôā¬†¬†The pictorial:


She had fun scanning and ringing up plastic piles of spaghetti, tacos, and green beans. 

¬†Our lil’ Abicus playing with a lil’ abacus.¬†


And playing with a big abacus.



Teacher Pete!



This is FUN Mom!



 Big apple tree.

We can’t wait to take Abby on her first camping experience some day!


¬†Abby’s first ride on the merry-go-round.¬† We let her pick and of course she wanted to sit on the kitty-cat.¬† ūüôā


 We checked out the big craft room but only drew with crayons on the table for a little.


 She had fun jumping up and down on these outside making music, and hitting other musical instruments with that mallet.


 Since it was so hot out, we then went inside where Abby decided to rotate some tires.


 Then made a new friend in the sandbox, although this was filled with tiny particles of rubber Рnot sand.  She would have stayed in here all day if we let her!



Fun family day!


After the museum we went to explore Hollywood Cemetery for a little bit.¬† Abby fell asleep, it was HOT, and it was closing soon so we only drove around for a bit and got out at a few spots.¬† It’s a very beautiful cemetery.¬† We’ll have to go back again sometime.


JEB Stuart



Very interesting tombstones and headstones here.


Noticed this FISHER tombstone and even though it’s not an uncommon name, I found it ironic to find a Fisher tombstone in this huge cemetery since at this time I was finishing up the excellent HBO series Six Feet Under.¬†


Another neat tree tombstone.


After the cemetery, we met up with brother/uncle Chris at Legend Brewery for some grub and brews.  Perfect way to end the day!


‘Tis the holiday season and blogging has been getting away from me.¬† How do busy people blog all the time if they are out being so-called “busy” all the time?¬† Oxymoron.

Anyway, we had some visitors in the past month or so including Groovy Grampy, Barb, Julie, and Granma.¬† Groovy, Barb, and Julie came the weekend after Thanksgiving and it was so mild outside the whole time, I loved it.¬† We had a great time showing them around downtown Fredericksburg, a visit to Chatham Manor, Chancellorsville, and dinner at Blue¬†& Gray Brewery.¬† Julie and I headed out for some sister sister time after Abby went to bed one night and had¬†martinis at Park Lane¬†which had a cover band, and then headed over to Cheeseburger in Paradise where we witnessed some awesomely bad karaoke.¬† I can’t even describe the karaoke that took place… the variety of songs and singing skills that we¬†heard was all over the¬†place haha.¬† Screamo-death metal to Angel of Mine by¬†Monica, and a group rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody (complete with head banging) and even some Matisyahu.¬† Here are the pics:


Peacock at Chatham

Inside Chatham

19th century piano

Chandelier in Chatham

Beautiful evening downtown, looking at antiques

Julie and I enjoyed some Sammy T’s frozen yogurt while walking around.¬† Half of their machines were down which didn’t leave many choices but it was good to hold us over until dinner.

Martinis at Park Lane

Groovy got the sampler!

Having fun at the brewery with GG

Taking a walk with GG at Chancellorsville.

Taking time to smell the flowers.¬† ūüôā

Granma then came to visit the following weekend and we all went to the Christmas parade downtown together and met up with B1 and B2.¬† Afterwards we had dinner at Sam’s.¬† The following day I took Janet to see Chatham Manor even though it’d be better to go in spring or early fall, but it was still pretty.¬† We also enjoyed some lunch from The Trolley Stop Cafe which was good.

Someone getting a bit sleepy with Pop Pop, waiting for Santa at the end of the parade…

It was a long parade and it was chilly but finally Santa arrived and Abby got to wave and say “ho ho”!

Aw, having silly time with Granma!

Kisses for Granma at Chatham!

Visiting Daddy at work and saying ‘so long’ to Granma…

Granma And The Maugles Do Oktoberfest

We had our first visitor this past weekend РGranma! 


My mother in law arrived at our “Wilderness estate” Saturday afternoon.¬† It was good to see her and have our first visitor!¬† Abby was happy to see her Granma when she woke up from her nap and received some cute new books and clothes for the fall/Halloween.¬† Thanks Granma!¬†


We got a late lunch and eventually headed out to meet Peter at the Fredericksburg Visitor Center.¬† He got out of¬†work and we¬†went downtown¬†to check out Oktoberfest.¬† It was about 2-3 blocks long and there¬†were German music and dancers, bratwurst and s’kraut, and of course BEER.¬† You had to be 21 to go through the gated areas where the food and beer were served (it was like¬†a¬†better contained and smaller Musikfest from Bethlehem) but it was a bit crowded and¬†loud, and pushing a¬†15 month old around in a stroller in the crowd didn’t seem like fun to me.¬† Instead we walked along the sidewalks and scoped out the¬†German¬†fest – oompah!¬† They sold¬†smaller Oktoberfest mugs for only $1 and bigger ones for $2.¬† The beer however was then $7 and $14 respectively.¬† Pass.¬† Here are some of the sights of the fest:





Abby enjoyed watching the guys in lederhosen.




We finished walking through the fest and then took a little stroll through Hurkamp Park. 





We then decided to have dinner at Sammy T’s, just alongside where the fest was still going¬†strong until 9pm.¬† Sammy T’s has a bar inside on one side and the restaurant on the other.¬† It’s known for having a good selection of vegetarian and vegan food.¬†

They¬†also have a separate section around the corner in the same building that¬†serves¬†frozen yogurt.¬† I had the vegetable lasagna (so good) and a Leinenkugel’s Sunset Wheat.¬† Abby¬†is usually ok when we’re out at restaurants as long as I have an endless supply of graham crackers and other snacks and toys for distraction but this night¬†she¬†wasn’t havin’ it.¬† It was mighty warm inside¬†Sammy T’s and she had to get a poop out so this combination wasn’t so great.¬† Cranky baby.¬† We soon packed up and headed for home.¬† We were all tired so we hit the hay shortly after¬†arriving home, after Granma read a book to Miss Abicus.



The next day, Peter¬†was off to work (the hubs is a weekend working machine) and¬†Janet, Abby, and I began our day with a walk around our little, woodsy neighborhood.¬† Then we jeopardized Abby’s lunchtime nap by going into town again to check out some of the PA Dutch and country shops.¬† I found some cute country trinkets at the one shop, but there is no sense in buying stuff for our temp home.¬† I will wait until we move yet again!¬†



I am liking this Virginia wine display… I will have to revisit!



Should I get stickers made that say Virginia is for Maugles?


For lunch we made a quick decision to eat at Spirits.¬† Probably won’t¬†go here again.¬† The food was just ok – nothing special.¬† The atmosphere was ehh and¬†the¬†service was pretty slow – only 1 girl hosting/serving.¬† Oh well.¬† You learn by trying.¬† Abby was much better at this meal than the previous night though!¬†¬†¬†¬†


Beer, Cat Transporting, and Post-Its

This past Tuesday I had a happy hour at Appalachian Brewery in Collegeville.¬† IMS happy hours are¬†just not what they used to be.¬† There were definitely some good times before¬†a) people left and got other jobs, b) people moved away, c) before our office location changed to C’ville, and d) before babies.¬† Laura M. reminded me of some HH memories this past¬†Sunday when we had dinner at Wholefoods and it made me chuckle.¬† ūüôā¬†

Anyhow, I ended up staying at ABC from 5:15 – 9pm and had 2 Water Gap Wheats, Artie’s Spin Dip, and The Vermonter.¬†¬†Peter came with Abby and she was a good girl and held out pretty long.¬† Todd and Laura came by also and it was good to see them before the big move.¬†¬†We even got some select homebrews from Todd with awesome beer bottle labels.¬†


Abby became a Broncos fan that night.

I also had lunch with my team members on Wednesday at Olive Garden.¬† I tried the Lasagna Rollata al Forno and between that, the bottomless salad and breadsticks, I seriously was in heaven and left with a very happy belly.¬† I found a new favorite dish and can now retire my “boring” fettucine alfredo plate.¬†

Going back to beer for a second, I¬†discovered that we still had 20 bottles of beer in the fridge at home, to either consume before the move or we’d have to give them¬†away or let them go to waste.¬† Beer go to waste?!¬† Nooo!!!¬† Here I am working¬†very hard in order to get ready for the¬†move:

In other move news, Peter¬†headed back to Virginia¬†yesterday evening¬†but this time he had a¬†companion with him in the car – Nacho!¬† Nacho hates the car and hasn’t been in it probably since we moved from¬†the¬†apartment in Hatfield.¬† She tends to pee,¬†poop, and/or barf (or some combination thereof) while in her carrier but luckily all worked out ok and Nacho made it safe and sound with only some pee in the carrier.¬† Peter had to deal with some intense meowing during¬†the¬†drive but she calmed down somewhat around Baltimore.¬† I can’t believe my cat is settled in our new home before I am!¬†


I can’t be settled quite yet because I am back here at the house slapping post-it notes all over the place so the movers know what goes to storage and what goes to the temp house.¬† Luckily we don’t have to pack since the movers will cover that but I still need to mark things and organize.¬† Abby likes¬†pulling the post-it notes off that are within her reach.¬†

So that’s that.¬† This weekend Hurricane Irene is expected to make an appearance in our general area.¬† I’m¬†sure that will be a good time.¬†¬†First it was an earthquake along the eastcoast (originating only 30 miles from where our temp house is), now it’s a hurricane.¬† I love a good storm but I’m hoping this doesn’t affect¬†our plans since Peter’s taking Amtrak up Sunday evening.¬† Fingers are crossed.¬† ūüôā