Inner Harbor Memories

Peter and I took Abby to Inner Harbor in Baltimore, MD the other week for the first time.  We met up with Kelly and her daughter Ev too which was nice!  I had recently found out that the aquarium now cost $25 to get in (woah!) so we are going to save that for when Abby is a bit older and will appreciate it more.  It’s a good aquarium but wow, prices have gone up more than double the last time I was there. 

We walked around with Abby and Ev and they shared their stuffed animal buddies with each other.  We walked around the harbor, near the ships, checked out the visitor center, and the various shops and restaurants – there wasn’t a whole lot going on and a lot of restaurants seemed to be changing.  I remember when it used to be Planet Hollywood, Hooters, and Cheesecake Factory and Phillip’s.  Now Phillip’s is moved into the big spot where ESPN Zone used to be, Cheesecake Factory is something else, and they’re putting in a Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.  Abby played around by the jumping fountains and we took a snack/lunch break for the kiddies to munch on some nom noms.  Abby started eating cold peas because Ev was that day, but now when we’re back home at our house, she’s not into them.  Figures!  I have such a picky eater for a daughter (hm, not surprised)!  Before we headed back home to VA, we grabbed dinner at a place called Lenny’s Deli.  After we ate, I was changing Abby in the bathroom and her diaper had soaked through her pants a bit too much.  So I changed her into new pants and off we went.  At some point when we were on 95S, I realized I had left her wet pants hanging in the bathroom; I never put them in my bag.  Haha – oops!  Someone must’ve come across some pee-pee pants that night in the bathroom stall. 

Speaking of 95S, all was great on our way home until some accident happened just ahead of us and all lanes came to a dead stop with lots of 4-ways flashing.  We were lucky that Abby had just fallen asleep before we stopped because we had to wait about 35 minutes not moving (which I know is not too horrible, but with a toddler it potentially could be).  There were fire trucks, ambulances, many state troopers, etc. and at one point a medivac helicopter came and landed on the 95S lanes just ahead of us.  Eventually, they came around and told us that we had to turn around and go backwords to cross through a barrier and get into the HOV lane to continue south, otherwise we might be there all night.  Thank goodness we were far up front and not far back in the traffic.  I guess the big trucks just had to wait it out!  Crazy.

Anyway, it was a nice lil’ day in Inner Harbor.  I have great memories of going there a number of other times:  weekend trips with Peter when we were younger, trips with some old friends (seems like ages ago), trips to Fells Point, Girls Weekends, Kelly’s bachelorette party, Halloween at Power Plant Live, trip with Kelly, college trip when we rode the Chessie pedal boats in the harbor, and more.  Here are some pics, old and new.  I’d love to post even older ones but sadly they aren’t even digital!  It’s funny to even think of having to take your film into a store to get processed – such a thing of the past, i.e. I’m getting old.  😉


Kelly and I at her bachelorette party a couple years ago:

Kelly and I the other day with our mini-me’s:


Abby and Ev:


Abby and her beloved ducks:


This was just after one of the ducks snapped at Ev’s toe!


Abby and Peter walking around:


The girls and their buddies:




Family pic:


At the fountain:



Harbor pics:



Kelly and Ev:


Oldies from Kelly’s Inner Harbor bachelorette party:


At the old Cheesecake Factory and Tex Mex:



Abby and Ev blowing bye-bye kisses to each other:


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