Still Holding Onto Fall

Fall is my favorite season and it goes way too fast.  I’m still holding on for a bit longer since it’s been mild (up until now) plus we have zero Christmas decorations this year since we’re in our temp home and all decorations were packed in storage.  That means no tree, no lights, no nothing… and that is making it feel less wintery around here still. 


We went for a walk on the Bloody Angle trail of the Spotsylvania Battlefield before all of the leaves turned crunchy brown and fell to the ground.  It was a lovely fall day!





There were some nice rubberized paths to go on and then we headed onto the road as the sun was going down.  Not knowing exactly where we were, I wasn’t sure we’d get back to our car before it got dark but all was safe and we didn’t get attacked by rabid deer or anything.







Since we aren’t required to rake any leaves here, Abby has enjoyed playing in leaf piles in the driveway and marching through them making lots of fun crunching sounds. 







About virginiaisformaugles

My name is Jenn. I'm enjoying life in my thirties, being a mom to a beautiful and silly little girl, and happily married to my park ranger husband. We recently sold our house in Pennsylvania and moved to Virginia and bought a new home. I'm excited to get accustomed to our new home base and explore all the surrounding areas! I'm a pharma data analyst by day, a lullabye-singin' mommy by night. We also have a beagle named Sophie and a large-girthed cat named Nacho. Things I like: family togetherness, nature, hiking, movies, photography, reading, planning and organizing, exploring, music, biking, jogging, etc.

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