That’s What Friends Are For

About a month ago, I got together with some of my girlfriends from college, up in Alexandria, VA.  It is always so much fun when we all get together and I’m so glad we’re close enough to still hang out from time to time, even with our little ones running around these days.


The first day we got together, we stayed up until 3:15am and didn’t leave the house.  We had quite a spread of food, snacks, and adult beverages that’s for sure (including some BEAST haha)!  The next day we slept in (a-maz-ing) and relaxed all day.  We didn’t do anything terribly exciting but sometimes that is the best – just hanging out with each other and talking, reminiscing! 



In the evening, we went out and about in Clarendon for some triple-D:  dinner, drinks, and dancing.  We ended up at a place that had a cover band named Hot Tub Limo – they were pretty fun and one of the guys in the band was Gary from Teen Mom on Mtv (kind of joking here).  He suprised us with his rap skills in his white tux.  Go Gary, go Gary.  Kelly added to her list of interesting things accomplished inside a bar too and someone asked her in a very drunken state, if she was a leprechaun.  Either we’re getting older, these people are getting younger, or we’re picking the wrong places to go to.  🙂


Here’s Kelly and me before going out.  Our grillz are kinda messed up:



Then here we are on the way to Clarendon… a tad better:




“I get by with a little help from my friends.” – John Lennon


The very next weekend, Jess came down from Palmyra  for a visit in Spotsy/F’burg!  Jess is my oldest friend and was the maid of honor at our wedding.  We lived down the street from each other and met when we were only 3 years old.  Faithful friends til the end!  The first evening we went out to Castiglia’s (which I recently learned is actually pronounced Cast-ee-uhs) for some yummalicious Italian food.  The restaurant downtown was hoppin’ and we had to wait a little but we got a good seat and a 3-piece band was entertaining diners.  I had given Abby some of my ricotta cheese-filled manicotti though and as we pulled into our driveway back home, she woke up from her little car ride snooze and barfed allll over the place.  Not a good idea to give her heavy dairy such as ricotta I suppose.  😦  Poor thing was a mess.


The next day was beautiful so I took Jess to check out Chatham House and walk around downtown Fredericksburg.  Chatham is one of our go-to places for new guests and visitors. 




I hugged big trees too:



Abby had fun too!



“Be slow to fall into friendship; but when thou art in, continue firm and constant.” – Socrates


Love you friends!


About virginiaisformaugles

My name is Jenn. I'm enjoying life in my thirties, being a mom to a beautiful and silly little girl, and happily married to my park ranger husband. We recently sold our house in Pennsylvania and moved to Virginia and bought a new home. I'm excited to get accustomed to our new home base and explore all the surrounding areas! I'm a pharma data analyst by day, a lullabye-singin' mommy by night. We also have a beagle named Sophie and a large-girthed cat named Nacho. Things I like: family togetherness, nature, hiking, movies, photography, reading, planning and organizing, exploring, music, biking, jogging, etc.

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  1. Love you tooooo!

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