A New Home At Legacy Woods

Kudos to my awesome parents who have settled into their beautiful new home down here in Fredericksburg.  After living in Bethlehem their whole lives, they’ve picked up to be closer to where their one grandchild and two children are.  They have been retired for awhile (lucky ducks) so they were not held back by jobs.  Here is a peek at their new house – decorating is still a work in progress.








Their backyard / view:




I think they look happy!  🙂





Does anyone know what these little black things are on the flower?  I did see some ants but there were these other black things not moving – they looked like seeds.  ???




About virginiaisformaugles

My name is Jenn. I'm enjoying life in my thirties, being a mom to a beautiful and silly little girl, and happily married to my park ranger husband. We recently sold our house in Pennsylvania and moved to Virginia and bought a new home. I'm excited to get accustomed to our new home base and explore all the surrounding areas! I'm a pharma data analyst by day, a lullabye-singin' mommy by night. We also have a beagle named Sophie and a large-girthed cat named Nacho. Things I like: family togetherness, nature, hiking, movies, photography, reading, planning and organizing, exploring, music, biking, jogging, etc.

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