Granma And The Maugles Do Oktoberfest

We had our first visitor this past weekend – Granma! 


My mother in law arrived at our “Wilderness estate” Saturday afternoon.  It was good to see her and have our first visitor!  Abby was happy to see her Granma when she woke up from her nap and received some cute new books and clothes for the fall/Halloween.  Thanks Granma! 


We got a late lunch and eventually headed out to meet Peter at the Fredericksburg Visitor Center.  He got out of work and we went downtown to check out Oktoberfest.  It was about 2-3 blocks long and there were German music and dancers, bratwurst and s’kraut, and of course BEER.  You had to be 21 to go through the gated areas where the food and beer were served (it was like a better contained and smaller Musikfest from Bethlehem) but it was a bit crowded and loud, and pushing a 15 month old around in a stroller in the crowd didn’t seem like fun to me.  Instead we walked along the sidewalks and scoped out the German fest – oompah!  They sold smaller Oktoberfest mugs for only $1 and bigger ones for $2.  The beer however was then $7 and $14 respectively.  Pass.  Here are some of the sights of the fest:





Abby enjoyed watching the guys in lederhosen.




We finished walking through the fest and then took a little stroll through Hurkamp Park. 





We then decided to have dinner at Sammy T’s, just alongside where the fest was still going strong until 9pm.  Sammy T’s has a bar inside on one side and the restaurant on the other.  It’s known for having a good selection of vegetarian and vegan food. 

They also have a separate section around the corner in the same building that serves frozen yogurt.  I had the vegetable lasagna (so good) and a Leinenkugel’s Sunset Wheat.  Abby is usually ok when we’re out at restaurants as long as I have an endless supply of graham crackers and other snacks and toys for distraction but this night she wasn’t havin’ it.  It was mighty warm inside Sammy T’s and she had to get a poop out so this combination wasn’t so great.  Cranky baby.  We soon packed up and headed for home.  We were all tired so we hit the hay shortly after arriving home, after Granma read a book to Miss Abicus.



The next day, Peter was off to work (the hubs is a weekend working machine) and Janet, Abby, and I began our day with a walk around our little, woodsy neighborhood.  Then we jeopardized Abby’s lunchtime nap by going into town again to check out some of the PA Dutch and country shops.  I found some cute country trinkets at the one shop, but there is no sense in buying stuff for our temp home.  I will wait until we move yet again! 



I am liking this Virginia wine display… I will have to revisit!



Should I get stickers made that say Virginia is for Maugles?


For lunch we made a quick decision to eat at Spirits.  Probably won’t go here again.  The food was just ok – nothing special.  The atmosphere was ehh and the service was pretty slow – only 1 girl hosting/serving.  Oh well.  You learn by trying.  Abby was much better at this meal than the previous night though!    



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My name is Jenn. I'm enjoying life in my thirties, being a mom to a beautiful and silly little girl, and happily married to my park ranger husband. We recently sold our house in Pennsylvania and moved to Virginia and bought a new home. I'm excited to get accustomed to our new home base and explore all the surrounding areas! I'm a pharma data analyst by day, a lullabye-singin' mommy by night. We also have a beagle named Sophie and a large-girthed cat named Nacho. Things I like: family togetherness, nature, hiking, movies, photography, reading, planning and organizing, exploring, music, biking, jogging, etc.

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